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Hello, I am MENO Atsuhiro, a English tour guide (National Cert. No. EN 06078) and flower and nature lover. I am operating some webpages, YouTube videos, facebook, instragram and so on. for introducing information about Japan’s wonderful nature, flowers, and interesting historical places, and so on.

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Webpage of Licenced English Guide

In this page you can find many information of Japan, such as basic data of Japan, infomration of tourists spots, model course of sightseeing, and so on.

Webpage of Flower and Garden in Japan and world

In this page you can find many beautiful pictures of flowers and plants, gardens in picture book style. Also you can find many information of cherry blossom and rose variety in Japan and in the world.

YouTube video of Japanese festival and tourists spots

In my YouTube channel, you can find intersting video showing Japanese festivals, flower blooming in popular spots, such as cherry blossom viewing in Ueno park.

Facebook of @Hello MENO

This page is official Facebook to show activity of @Hello MENO

Facebook of Atsuhiro MENO

I upload day to day topics of my activities and interesting events in Japan

Instagram of @Hello MENO

I upload pictures of besutiful seasonal flowers and seasonal events.

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